Best moments of my journey

Summer Analyst at Bank of America
June - August 2020

Even though the program was shortened and made virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I still had the opportunity to learn about the banking industry and the extensive use of technology in the industry. Our final cohort presentation was about leveraging Natural Language Processing to analyze the gap between consumer spending and government funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

bank of america
Grace Hopper 2020 Student Scholar
July 2020

I'm extremely grateful to be a Grace Hopper 2020 student scholar! I owe this opportunity to my peers and my advisor at ACM-W. They have created a welcoming community for women in computing and inspired me to do the same for others.

ghc scholar
Student Experience Program Intern at Microsoft Fargo
June - December 2019

As a SEP Content Developer Intern working with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Docs team, where I built utility programs to assist documentation and learned how important software documentation is to users' experience and opinion of the company. I also mentored young girls to develop passion for technology through DigiGirlz Bootcamp.

microsoft fargo
First time attending Grace Hopper
October 2019

GHC19 is probably the fondest memory of my college days. I built my first Chrome extension, participated in my first hackathon, networked with other women in tech along with my friends from ACM-W and new friends I made on the way. Biggest thanks to the University of Minnesota Department of Computer Science for providing me with this opportunity!

Grace Hopper 2019
Teaching Assistant at the University of Minnesota
September 2019

I fulfilled my childhood dream of being a teacher by being a TA for Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms. My favorite thing about being a TA is to make technical concepts accessible to international students with language barrier as a non-native speaker myself.

university of minnesota
Vice President at ACM-W
May 2019

I led my University's ACM-W chapter to continue building a support system for women in computing by introducing them to professional development opportunities, hosting networking events, and organizing interactive panels.

Started my IG blog @makeup_scientist
June 2018

Makeup is an art form yet there are so many stereotypes about women who choose to wear makeup. I started my instagram blog that combines makeup artistry, fun facts about technology, and my personal journey as a woman in tech to combat those harmful stereotypes. Many thanks to @sasha_codes for helping me with the animation of this webpage!

ig feed
First joined ACM-W
January 2018

Joining ACM-W is the best decision of my college career. While the skill development opportunities were invaluable, what I cherish most is the diverse community that uplifts and motivates. I will miss going to classes with them and making corny jokes only com sci people can understand.

Graduated highschool to join University of Minnesota
May 2017

I didn't consider a career in computing until senior year when I took robotics and big data classes. Looking back, high school me wasn't so dumb after all.